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Year 3/4 Cross Country Festival

Posted by Wendy Clark on 05/20/19 | Posted in Sport

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On Friday 17th May, St Thomas’ were proud to host pupils from Anstey, Roger De Clare, Millfield and Hormead for a Year 3/4 Cross Country event. Including our own pupils, over 200 children were involved in the event run by Mr Fitzgerald and our Year 5/6 Sports Leaders. The afternoon was highly successful and despite there being around 50 runners in each category, St Thomas secured a number of the top spots…

Year 3 girls: Eva Fitzsimmons-2nd place

Year 3 boys: Thomas Holme-2nd place

Year 4 girls: Olivia Holme-1st place, Elsie Wheeler-2nd place, Evie Coates-3rd place

Year 4 boys: Zach Coates-1st place

All that Weekly Mile and ‘bleep’ test training has certainly paid off!


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