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Tel: 01920 821450 Enquiries: Mrs W Sellers, Office Manager

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Outdoor Learning Zone

Discovering The School Pond!

posted on 20th Apr '18 by mattcrane

The Nursery children enjoyed going to the school pond.  The children looked carefully to find out what was living inside the pond.  They saw tadpoles, pond snails and newts.  

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Where Is The Treasure?

posted on 15th Mar '18 by mattcrane

In Forest School this week, the Reception children listened to the story 'Captain Teachum's Buried Treasure.'  After listening to the story, each child explored the school grounds and made their own treasure map.  The children …

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Telephone Transmission

posted on 23rd Feb '18 by mattcrane

As part of our sound topic, Year 3/4 had fun making string telephones. They used these to prove that sound energy can travel from particle to particle far easier in a solid (string), so your …

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Forest School

posted on 22nd Jan '18 by mattcrane

This week in Forest School the Reception children were making their own home for a bear to hibernate in.  The children collected sticks to create a bear cave or den.

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Forest School

posted on 19th Jan '18 by mattcrane

Reception enjoyed their first Forest School session looking for bears!

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Our first Forest School session

posted on 30th Nov '17 by mattcrane

Nursery had fun exploring the school during their first Forest School session.

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Looking for God's creatures

posted on 5th Oct '17 by mattcrane

The children in Early Years have been using their sense of sight to look outside for God's creatures.

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Year 3/4 –Harvesting food from the school growing area…

posted on 19th Sep '17 by mattcrane

As part of their learning about healthy eating and the different food groups in PSHE, alongside RE work on God’s wonderful creation, some of the children from Year 3/4 helped Mrs Clark to harvest the …

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About our outdoor learning zone

Our outdoor learning zone comprises 3 areas

  • Our wonderful pond (funded by the PTA) which is now maturing nicely into an established habitat. The perimeter is paved to allow children to safely take part in activities such as pond dipping.
  • The growing area is now set to see its second harvest. This year we have grown a wide range of vegetables including: runner beans, tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, carrots, beetroot and lettuce along with many herbs. The area is planted, looked after, watered and harvested by the children.
  • The wildlife area is exactly that! A large area given over to wild flowers, grasses and a mini-beast hotel within a pile of rotting logs. We have further plans for this area to include a seating area to be used as a prayer garden. This will also double up as the meeting place for Forest School type activities.