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How have the Governors made a difference?

As a Governing Body, we have a collective responsibility to work with the school to ensure it delivers a high quality education for our pupils.  Working with the head teacher, we commit to the objectives of the School Improvement Plan to make sure the pupils are able to achieve to the best of their ability within a secure and happy environment.

An effective school will always challenge itself to ensure it maintains high standards and continues to drive excellent results.  How have we, as governors of St Thomas of Canterbury School, made a difference?

  • In recent years, the Governing Body has developed its feedback process, giving parents and pupils a voice.  We have instigated an annual Parent Questionnaire, Pupil Questionnaire and Year 6 Leavers’ Interview.  Findings from this feedback have resulted in:
    • Increased guidance for parents and pupils on completing Key Stage 2 projects
    • Improvements in communication via our school website and re-designed newsletter
    • Changes to the timings of school events (eg Assemblies) to fit in with parents’ requirements
    • The installation of a new library
    • New playground equipment
  • Governors initiated and supported the development of our Pond and Wildlife Project
  • Successfully secured grants to carry out essential building works to maintain a safe environment for pupils and staff
  • Governors have sought ways to improve links with the Parish and raise the school profile within the local community
  • In response to parental  concerns regarding secondary admissions for those parents living in the Puckeridge/Standon area who have opted out of the middle school system, governors are investigating how St Thomas’ can be included within local secondary school admissions criteria