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Tel: 01920 821450 Enquiries: Mrs W Sellers, School Secretary

Tel: 01920 821450 Enquiries: Mrs W Sellers, Office Manager

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Why do we have a Governing Body?

By law, every school must have a Governing Body. The size and type of school determines the number of Governors on the board. There are a number of duties and powers set by the Education Acts which the Governors adhere to.

These include:

  • Taking general responsibility for the conduct of the school.
  • Promoting high standards of educational achievement.
  • Setting Targets for Key Stages 1 and 2.
  • Setting staffing levels.
  • Budget Management.

How do the Governors of St Thomas of Canterbury make a difference?

View the School Finances 2016-2017 and St Thomas Financial Report for Parents 2017

                                                                               GOVERNORS DETAILS

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors please click here.

Or alternatively email: vince.king@stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk

NOTE: PE = Physical Education; RE = Religious Education; AS = Achievement and Standards; TL = Teaching and Learning; LMG = Leadership, Management and Governance; PVI = Pupil Voice and Intervention; SLT = Senior Leadership Team.  Committee A: Teaching and Learning, Behaviour and Admissions; Committee B: Premises, Finance and Personnel

Mrs. Michelle Keating Head Teacher Governing Body Permanent All ex-officio To the Governing Body for Teaching and Learning None None
Mr. Vincent King Foundation Diocese 22/04/16 to


All ex-officio Chair of Governors, LMG, PE/Games Link Governor for IT  None None
Mr. Shane Collery LA Governing Body  16/11/2015 to 15/11/2019 B Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Panels for: Admission Appeals, Complaints Appeals, Link Governor for AS, LMG None None
Mrs. Jenny Hesketh Foundation (Parent) Diocese 01/09/14 to 31/08/18 B Chair of Committee B, Literacy, Link Governor for: Safeguarding, AS, PVI None None
Dr. Mary Lennon Foundation (Parent) Diocese 01/03/14 to 31/03/18 A Chair of Committee A, PE/Games, Link Governor for AS, TL, PVI None None
Dr. Breda Jackson Foundation Diocese 01/09/14 to 31/08/18 All   Link Governor for: RE, AS, LMG. None None
Mr. Anthony Walker  Foundation Diocese 01/09/14 to 31/08/2018 B Safeguarding, Finance, Link Governor for: RE, LMG, PVI.  None None
Rev. Fr. John White Foundation Parish Priest Diocese 01/09/13 to 31/08/17  Governing Body Religious Education, Link Governor for: PE  None None
Mrs Luzaan Sparks Parent Governing Body 01/09/2017 to 31/08/2021 A Link Governor for SEN, Science None None
Mrs. Annie Reville  Parent Elected 20/01/16 to 19/01/20 A Early Years, Link Governor for: TL, PVI None None
Mr. Andy Booth Staff Elected 20/03/15 to 19/02/19 All SLT None None
Mrs. Wendy Clark SLT Advisor Head  Teacher Permanent A RE Co-ordinator, Sports, SLT, PVI None None
Mrs. Jodee White Clerk Herts for Learning Permanent
2x Vacancies Foundation