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From the Chair of Governors

Posted by Vince King on 10/18/18 | Posted in Governors

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Please let me welcome all the students, parents, and staff back for a new exciting school year. A new school year brings changes for us all. For the children of St. Thomas’ it’s a new class year and a new set of challenges. For parents it’s the realisation that our children are growing up quickly. For staff and governors it’s a renewed effort to push ourselves to improve our school even further. Change can be both exciting and scary, but, by the Grace of God, we have friends, peers, and staff on hand to support us.

Following Fr. John White’s retirement in August, I would also like to welcome Fr. Cyril Chiaha to the parish. Fr. Cyril has already visited the school and will continue the good work carried out by Fr. John.

I would like to share some wonderful news. We have recently received a letter from the Director of Education Services at Herts for Learning congratulating the school on our Key Stage 2 results. St. Thomas’ is now in the top 11 schools in Hertfordshire for achieving, or exceeding, 85% ARE (Age Related Expectations) and 30% GD (Greater Depth). The letter also noted our positive progress in measures for Reading, Writing, and Maths. I’m sure you will all join me in thanking, and congratulating, all the staff for their continuing effort and dedication.

As some of you will be aware, we are very lucky to be able to offer weekly lessons in the Ukulele for Year 4. Our thanks go out to Mr. Forryan and the De Rosa Music school for their incredibly generous donation of 17 Ukuleles and the funding for lessons. With their help we have been able to enrich the learning of our Year 4 students and give them the opportunity to develop a love for music.

At St. Thomas’ we are blessed with wonderful grounds. These grounds have given us the ability to extend the academic education by utilising our environment. The Forest School has been developed to give all our children the chance to take part in an exciting programme of activities throughout the year.

As with previous years we are all faced with the challenges of parking during drop-off and pick-up. I kindly remind everyone that parking in the school car park is prohibited without prior arrangement, and ask all to be mindful of others at all times.

As always, if you have questions or comments please feel free to contact me (vince.king@stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk) or any member of the Governing body.

Many thanks

Vince King
Chair of Governors

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