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Whole school prayer focus

posted on 23rd Nov '17 by wendy-clark

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First Holy Communion 2017

posted on 7th May '17 by schooladmin

During May and June 2017, seven children from Year 3 (Lottie, Finn, Caitlin, Daniel H, Jemima, Lexi and Daniel W) made their First Holy Communion at various churches throughout the Diocese. On Tuesday 4th …

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Sikhism Week 2017

posted on 7th Jun '17 by schooladmin

In June 2017 the whole school spent a week exploring the world faith of Sikhism. A week of class activities concluded with a visit from Mr Singh from Northampton Sikhism Education Department who ran …

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Hinduism Week 2016

posted on 6th Jul '16 by schooladmin

As part of our Other Faiths topic this half term, the week beginning June 6th was designated Hinduism Week. The children had a range of activities to teach them about one of the five great …

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Holy Door Pilgrimage 2016

posted on 7th Jan '16 by schooladmin

On the top right you can see the four Apostles of Mercy for 2016 – Aliyah, Daisy, James and Niamh. They are with Father John Cunningham at the Church of Our Lady of the …

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Religious Education
at St. Thomas of Canterbury

“Religious Education is central to the curriculum of the Catholic school and is at the heart of the philosophy of Catholic education. Religious Education has developed in a way that reflects the particular identity of our Catholic schools in England and Wales.

It teaches about the faith in the context of a school which proclaims the Gospel, and invites the individual to respond to the message of Christ. As the individual responds to this invitation, growth in faith and knowledge helps the pupil to respond to the call to holiness and understand the fullness of what it is to be human.

For some, then, Religious Education will also be received as evangelisation and for some, catechesis.”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory (Bishops’ Conference, 2012), p.3

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