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Tel: 01920 821450 Enquiries: Mrs W Sellers, School Secretary

Tel: 01920 821450 Enquiries: Mrs W Sellers, Office Manager

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Fund Raising

Academic Years 2016-18

We would like to thank all the children, their families and friends, who so generously support our fundraising activities.  Last academic year alone, we raised over £1600 for charity including Jeans for Genes; Haiti Appeal; The Brain Tumour Charity; Catholic Truth Society (which included donating to victims of Grenfell Tower); CAFOD and Barnardos.  This would not be possible without the on-going generosity and support of the whole school community.

Current & Upcoming Fundraising Activities

Jeans for Genes 2018

On Friday 21nd September 2018 – Supporting children born with genetic illnesses, we managed to raise £105.70.



Toilet Twinning 2017/18 "A Water and Sanitation Initiative"

We are delighted to announce a grand total of £900 has been raised to enable us to twin 15 of our toilets.  Thank you for supporting this very worthy cause. 



Click here to visit the CAFOD website

Past Fundraising Activities

Catholic Children's Society 2017

Catholic Children’s Society: £150 – this including raising money for the victims of Grenfell Tower


We raised £57

Click here to visit the CAFOD website

Big Toddle 2016

Big Toddle in 2016 had an animal focus whereby all the children dressed up in animal outfits. We raised a grand total of £310 for Barnardo’s.

Jeans for Genes 2017

On Friday 22nd September 2017 – Supporting children born with genetic illnesses, we managed to raise £102.



Jeans for Genes 2016

In September 2016 we raised £76 for Jeans for Genes.  Thanks to everyone for supporting this charity which helps children born with genetic illnesses.

KS2 Dodge ball Tournament 2016

On Friday February 12th all of KS2 took part in a sponsored dodge ball tournament to raise money for charity. The chosen charity was the British Heart Foundation which was appropriate given the recent illness of Miss Mills who we all wish a speedy recovery. At the final count the children had raised an amazing £500. Our thanks go out to all the children and all the families who sponsored them.