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Tel: 01920 821450 Enquiries: Mrs W Sellers, School Secretary

Tel: 01920 821450 Enquiries: Mrs W Sellers, Office Manager

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Chaplaincy Team 2018/19

Tulah, Sophia, Bernadette, Addie, Poppy, Imogen, Esme, Lily, Marie, Johanna & Scarlett have been interviewed and successfully appointed as our new Chaplaincy Team for this academic year.Father Cyril will present the children with their official badges during our New School Year Mass.

The primary role of the Chaplaincy Team is to build upon and embed the excellent work of last year’s team in developing the prayer life of the school through planning, being involved with and leading Acts of Worship, Liturgy and Fundraising Opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role/Responsibility Name/s
Chair: Tulah
Vice Chair: Sophia
Secretaries: Bernadette & Addie
Publicity Poppy & Imogen
Charities & Fundraising Esme & Lily
Thought of the Week Coordinators: Marie & Addie
Wednesday Word Coordinators: Johanna, Scarlett & Sophia
Prayer group Coordinators: Tulah, Marie, Scarlett & Sophia
Saints Group Coordinators: Poppy & Imogen

The Chaplaincy Team visited St. Joseph's in Waltham Cross

St. Joseph's Chaplaincy Team led a beautiful reflection and then showed St. Thomas' around their wonderful school, including a newly installed Prayer Garden and Forest School meeting circle!  A big thank you to Mr Gorton and Mrs O'Connor.

The Chaplaincy Team 2016-17

Patrick, Joe, Joe, Amelia, Jorja, Kayden, Chloe and Alice have been appointed our newest Chaplaincy Team. In the photo on the right, some of the children are receiving their Chaplaincy badges from Father John on Ash Wednesday.

Their role is to build upon the work of the Apostles of Mercy for the current year. The Team are responsible for the KS2 Acts of Worship on Fridays and also occasionally contribute to the main school assembly on Monday.