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Our Lady’s Garden-Official Opening

Posted by Wendy Clark in RE on May 21, 2019 https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/our-ladys-garden-official-opening

On Tuesday 21st May we were proud to officially open our new prayer garden dedicated to Our Lady. The Chaplaincy Team led a beautiful liturgy and Father Cyril blessed the area and cut the ribbon to officially open our new sacred space. Huge thanks to the PTA for funding the area and to Mr Weston,Read the Rest…

Year 3/4 Cross Country Festival

Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4, Class - Year 5-6, Sport on May 20, 2019 https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/year-3-4-cross-country-festival

On Friday 17th May, St Thomas’ were proud to host pupils from Anstey, Roger De Clare, Millfield and Hormead for a Year 3/4 Cross Country event. Including our own pupils, over 200 children were involved in the event run by Mr Fitzgerald and our Year 5/6 Sports Leaders. The afternoon was highly successful and despiteRead the Rest…


Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4 on https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/embroidery

As part of our learning about leisure activities from the past, Year 3/4 have been learning a range of embroidery stitches to enable them to produce bookmarks inspired by Victorian sewing samplers. They have all been very determined and some of them can’t put their sewing down, even during break time!

Parts of a flower-dissection

Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4 on May 12, 2019 https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/parts-of-a-flower-dissection

Investigating how water is transported in plants

Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4 on https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/investigating-how-water-is-transported-in-plants

As part of their work in Science, Year 3/4 have been investigating water transportation in plants.  

Roman Verulamium Museum Trip

Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4 on March 26, 2019 https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/roman-verulamium-museum-trip

Year 3/4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans. They saw many artefacts that had been excavated from the Roman town of Verulamium and were even able to handle artefacts in a special session with of the Museum’s  curators.

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Posted by Wendy Clark in RE on March 7, 2019 https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/ash-wednesday-liturgy

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. The Chaplaincy Team led the whole school in prayer and Deacon Adrian kindly administered the ashes to remind us that Lent is a time for prayer, reconciliation and sacrifice.

Roman Battle Formations

Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4 on https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/roman-battle-formations

Year 3/4 learnt about the formations employed by the Romans in battle. They even learnt some of the commands in Latin! Ad Victoria! 


Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4 on October 19, 2018 https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/baptism

As part of our ‘Christian Family’ topic in RE we held our own Baptism! The children were able to apply all of their learning about the stages of Baptism and what the signs and symbols represent.

Making Stone Age Jewellery

Posted by Wendy Clark in Class - Year 3-4 on https://stcanterbury.herts.sch.uk/making-stone-age-jewellery

Year 3/4 have been busy making beads out of clay to create Stone Age jewellery. They were particularly inspired by the jewellery found at Skara Brae in Scotland. Much of the jewellery worn in the Stone Age was made from stones, shells and bone but some of the jewellery was finely decorated and carved intoRead the Rest…