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OFSTED Report and Diocesan Inspection Report

The most recent Ofsted Inspection for St Thomas of Canterbury was held in October 2007.  The inspection judged the school to be Grade 1 (Outstanding).  Please click here to download a copy.

The school has recently been inspected (April 2013) for R.E under the new Diocesan Inspection Framework.  We are very proud to share St Thomas’ was judged to be “Very Good” with many “Outstanding” areas in both Classroom Religious Education and The Catholic Life of the School.   Please click here to read the report: St Thomas of Canterbury R.E Inspection Report April 2013

Here are a selection of comments taken from the Inspection Report that we particularly wish to highlight:

“Teachers have a shared vision for the delivery of Religious Education and high standards.”

 “Teaching and Learning Support Assistants play a key role in the effective delivery of RE lessons and are well deployed to suit a wide range of pupils.”

 “The place, and very high importance of Religious Education in the life of the school is evidenced by the common purpose and shared vision among the leadership team.”

 “The behaviour of the pupils is outstanding at all times in lessons seen and also around the school, including play times and lunch.”

 “Pupils enter the school above National Averages and leave at Key Stage 2 achieving high standards of work in Religious Education and a high degree of Religious literacy.”

 “Pupils are polite, articulate and very friendly in sharing their work and ideas.  One child described how the school felt like a second home.”

 “The quite outstanding artwork seen across the school also shows that cross-curricular links are being very well used in this school.  Collage, drawing and now i-Pads are used very effectively in a variety of settings using both abstract and realistic genres.”

  “Pupils clearly enjoy their learning in RE and are keen to answer questions in class and also in a very informative and fruitful discussion with this Inspector.”


“The new head teacher is very focused on delivering high quality RE lessons and an imaginative curriculum in her school.”


“Collective worship and prayer are outstanding in this school and pupils are now actively engaged in both the planning and preparation of their own liturgies.”


“Links with parents, the Parish and Diocese are very strong and are being regularly reviewed to further enhance links.  Parents are very positive and appreciative about the catholic life of the school offered to their children.”


“The Governing Body is experienced and very supportive of the school and its aims and values.”


“The Dean is also a frequent and always welcome visitor to the school and has provided great support over the last year in the absence of a Parish Priest.”


“There is clear ambition to develop further in this school and therefore leadership and management in promoting the Catholic life of the school is deemed to be outstanding”.


Here is what they had to say about the school:

Overall Effectiveness of this Catholic School – St Thomas of Canterbury School has a very strong Catholic ethos with committed leadership from the Headteacher, senior staff and governors who are instrumental in effectively maintaining and developing the school’s Catholic identity. Prayer and worship have a central role in the school’s life. The inclusion of all pupils is central to the school’s vision. Relationships within the school are very good and based on Christian care and concern for others. One pupil said “Our teachers are kind and care a lot for us.” All staff provide a secure, stimulating environment in which the pupils thrive and are inspired to succeed. The pupils’ spiritual and moral development is outstanding and this is reflected in their behaviour and attitudes. The Headteacher leads and manages the religious education curriculum very well. The staff are committed to the high profile given to religious education in the school. Very good progress is made by the pupils and standards are high.”